Excellence in maximizing client revenues,
and delivery of experienced design”

The key drivers for our work tend to be maximizing client revenues, reducing emissions and reducing operating costs whilst operating the plant safely.
We provide products, engineering support and training in all areas of our business. Our long experiences, knowledges and local delivery results in successful project execution.


Meeting energy needs of various industries using of reliable and innovative technologies is our job to enable a stronger, smarter and greener grid.

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Service & Consulting

In addition to the technical consultancy, ADAN Company is providing management consulting services to the same business sectors.

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The competitive energy market requires innovative and reliable solutions for effective integration of power…

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Operation & Maintenance

ADAN Company’s “Performance Improvements” team provides multi-disciplined engineering skills to help our clients achieve and maintain…

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Ensuring reliable power supply and operation of airports, railways, buildings …etc. With high quality in engineering and construction…

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Oil & Gas

ADAN Company is a leading full-service construction and specialty contractor that serves the Oil and Gas fields need from…

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We perform all types of
property maintenance
and repair

  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) scope.
  • General Construction Services.
  • Power Plant Works.
  • Electrical Substations from 0.4KV to 400KV levels.
  • Communication networks including SCADA, DCS & ECS, Machine’s automation, …etc.
  • Industrial Sector and Industrial Plants including Cement Factory, Steel Factory, Canning Factory, …etc.
  • Infrastructure and maintenance works.
  • Renewable Energy.
  • Pumping Stations.
  • Water Plant.
  • Oil & Gas Sector.